Family Law, Drug Court, Driving While Intoxicated

Family law is a particularly dynamic and demanding area of the practice of law. The dissolution of a marriage or long term relationship and the associated issues that entails often involves a wide range of financial, legal and emotional questions. The attorneys of Radom & Wetter have been providing advice in all sorts of family law matters for decades. Dissolution of marriage, issues of support, custody, pre-nuptial agreements, adoptions, guardianships, domestic violence claims and the changing laws pertaining to civil unions and same sex marriage are just some of the family matters that the family lawyers of Radom & Wetter have dealt with successfully.

Our lawyers defend individuals accused of various criminal offenses including controlled dangerous substances or Drug Court or driving while intoxicated as well as applications for expungement of the records of past events where appropriate. There are few experiences in life as devastating as being charged with a criminal offense. The criminal justice system is daunting and fraught with serious consequences, like the loss of one’s liberty. When faced with a crisis of this magnitude, it makes sense to trust lawyers with skill, experience and compassion to guide you through the process.

Listening to your goals, explaining your options in a straightforward, understandable manner and mapping out a strategy to achieve those goals is what you can count on from Radom & Wetter.

Reasonable effort is always made to minimize the costs, delay, and acrimony through voluntary settlement. However, when that is not an option, the seasoned skills of Radom & Wetter family lawyers are there to protect and advance your interests in Court.