Insurance Recovery

Your insurance policies are a valuable business or personal asset just as surely as your real estate, equipment or even cash. Too often, however, after the initial expenditure to purchase the policies, they are filed away, ignored and sometimes even forgotten. When crisis hits in the form of property loss or a third party claim, your insurance is often the single most important bulwark against very serious losses.

The lawyers of Radom and Wetter can bring their experience in matters of insurance recovery and all insurance recovery laws to work for you. The lack of attention to insurance assets can result in not having the coverage you need or in a failure to get the full measure of financial security that you are owed. This problem is compounded by an adversary, in the form of the insurance industry that holds disproportionate power in terms of its resources, relationships and understanding of its often impenetrable policy forms. Counsel must be able to advocate zealously for the policyholder without fear that the advocacy will harm business relationships that lawyer or his or her firm may have with insurers. Radom & Wetter represents policyholder’s not insurance companies.