Personal Injury

If you’ve been wrongfully injured, the responsible party has a legal duty to compensate you for what happened to you. The enforcement of that legal obligation helps make our society, our premises and products safer for everyone. Nevertheless, a personal injury claim is a complicated, risky and highly adversarial process. On one side is a liability insurance company with enormous resources. It is in their business interest to do whatever they can to minimize their financial exposure. On the other side is you. Your objective, as the law provides, is to be fairly compensated for the harm that someone has caused you.

If you have been harmed, don’t wait to call Radom & Wetter. The statute of limitations for a personal injury case is surprisingly short. Evidence can disappear or change quickly. With proper handling, your case may be efficiently and fairly resolved without the need for a lawsuit or trial but presenting your case in the best light requires diligence, preparation and an eye for detail. Other cases will require litigation and a select few will require a trial.