Dona Feeney, Esq.

Dona FeeneyDona Feeney has been a trial lawyer since 1988 appearing in cases representing clients in both State and Federal Court throughout New Jersey and the northeastern United States. Dona has devoted her practice to litigation and arbitration. Dona has litigated or arbitrated a broad range of cases in the contract, product liability, construction, employment and insurance coverage areas. Her reputation, experience, careful preparation and commitment to her clients have yielded results that have earned her the respect and recognition of her peers.

For more than 25 years, Dona has brought her science background, skill and determination to bear in all matters in which she has counseled and advocated for clients involved in workplace disputes, medical malpractice, negligence, injuries from dangerous buildings and property, or from defective products or equipment. Her meticulous and firm approach has successfully resolved such diverse matters as complex, multiple-party personal injury cases, Bergen County flip-fee cases, and clergy abuse claims. Her work is characterized by a no-nonsense, cost effective approach to the process, with an eye for fair voluntary settlement, but also with the seasoned skills, determination, and attention to detail necessary for successful litigation.

Dona advises clients in employment matters such as discrimination claims, reduction in force, plant closings, severance agreements, creation and implementation of appropriate company policies and procedures, and employment contracts.

Legal Experience

Business Law, Product Liability Law, Construction Law, Employment Law, Insurance Law, Personal Injury Law

Licensed to Practice

All the State and the United States District Courts of New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, and Vermont as well as the First and Third Circuit Courts of Appeal.

Professional Memberships

New Hampshire Bar Association, Vermont Bar Association, Maine Bar Association, Defense Research Institute, Tri-State Defense Lawyers Association.


J.D., Rutgers University School of Law, 1988, M.S. Rutgers University Biological Sciences, 1979, B.S., Cook College 1977


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    Dona Feeney, Esq. June 28, 2016