Transition and Construction Defects

construction defects can ruin your project.

Legal representation when faced with transition and construction defects

Transition commonly refers to that process whereby ownership and control of the assets of the association, that is, the books, records, assessment fees and reserves, buildings and improvements of the community are transferred from the developer to the association of unit owners. The process begins with the first sale of the first unit and continues throughout the sale of all of the units, and often long after the last unit has been sold by the builder. When the majority of Board members are elected by the unit owners as opposed to appointed by the developer, control of the affairs of the Association rests with the unit owners. It is then that a prudent Association hires a legal professional of its own choosing to coordinate the efforts of a professional property manager, an accountant and engineering professionals to inspect and review the Association’s finances and the physical condition of the property and buildings and take action required to insure that the Association has received or will receive all that it is entitled to according to the development’s public offering statement, plans and drawings.

Through negotiation, arbitration, mediation or litigation, the attorneys of Radom & Wetter will work with your association’s professionals to obtain all that you are entitled to and resolve all issues resulting from construction defects. Radom & Wetter has obtained millions of dollars for our association clients over the years.

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