Claims and Appeals

claims and appeals

Claims and appeals for Social Security, disability, unemployment, wage and hour

Hard working people every day succumb to permanent disabilities that prevent them from earning a living. Children with disabilities, children with a deceased parent, people who suffer from chronic disabling illnesses, and people with developmental disabilities may be entitled to benefits. Sometimes the people who were originally targeted for assistance from programs don’t even know the program exists, or that they might qualify for assistance. Radom & Wetter can help you navigate claims and appeals to gain the benefits to which you or a loved one is entitled.

Having government funded programs to help Americans afflicted with debilitating disease, or injury is one of the important services our government provides. Unfortunately, applying for benefits can be both challenging and frustrating. It is not uncommon for anyone that applied for benefits to have their application denied – seemingly for no reason.

The lawyers of Radom & Wetter will work with you to navigate through the complicated administrative procedures endemic to most of the benefit programs. We will work with you to complete and file the application, appeal any negative determinations, and attend all administrative hearings necessary to get the benefits which you are entitled.

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