Employment Law

Arguably, employment law affects businesses more than any other type of law. Consider the sheer amount of regulating bodies and the vast number of rules and regulations that dictate what you can and cannot do to your employees in the following circumstances:

  • Termination
  • Severance
  • Unemployment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Whistle-blowing
  • Medical leave, and more.

Additionally, New Jersey’s State law and regulatory framework and Federal employment law is very complex and sometimes overlapping. Consequently, if your business has employees in New Jersey, your employer-employee relationship is both complex and vague because there are so many opportunities for conflict and misunderstanding.

The lawyers of Radom & Wetter can help deal with non-compete agreements, severance agreements, sexual harassment claims, whistleblower claims and many more common employment issues business frequently encounter.

Typical issues that are common to businesses with employees include creating and drafting employee manuals to ensure your rules align with current rules and regulations mandated by state and federal authorities. Other examples include administrative claims and appeals related to wage and hour disputes, and both unemployment and worker’s compensation.

On the federal level, there are many facets of employment law that present risks to small entities like HOAs/POAs. For example, EEOC warns of potential lawsuits based on the following illegal interview questions:

  • Race, color, or national origin
  • Religion
  • Sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation
  • Pregnancy status
  • Disability
  • Age or genetic information
  • Citizenship
  • Marital status or number of children.

Simply put, if your business has employees one of your primary goals should be to ensure your policies and procedures related to your employees comply fully with current state and federal rules. The laws and rules that pertain to employees are complex and can change frequently in subtle ways. If you are not 100% certain your current policies for employees comply with current law – you need to consult with an attorney to review your policies and procedures before it’s too late.

If you would like one of the employment law attorneys to review your employee policies and procedures give us a call today.

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