Insurance Recovery

insurance recovery

Appropriate pursuit of insurance recovery

Insurance companies are profit driven, which means they resist paying claims. That makes insurance recovery challenging. We all know someone who filed a claim with an insurance company, only to discover that after paying premiums for years, suddenly there are “issues” with your claim. Even if your claim sails through the process, oftentimes the insurance company will try to pay less than your expectations for a variety of reasons. Simply put, without legal representation, odds are your insurance company will try to pay less than what you are entitled to under a valid claim. Don’t let that happen to your community association.

Radom & Wetter attorneys advise policyholders on all aspects of insurance law. For community associations, the governing documents must be reviewed to ascertain the association’s obligation to insure. Owners or renters purchasing insurance should take care to make sure that their coverage dovetails with the association’s coverage to manage the total risk.

Additionally, Radom & Wetter works with all our clients to keep them informed of relevant regulatory and statutory changes that affect them at both the state and national level. We closely follow current insurance cases and stay abreast of developments in insurance recovery law to ensure that our clients have the most accurate, up-to-date information available.

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