Community Association Law

community association law

Condominiums, homeowner associations, cooperatives

Radom & Wetter provides guidance and assistance in community association law  to individuals and associations in all aspects of community association or common interest ownership communities. Our community association lawyers respond quickly to the unique needs of associations and resolve problems in an efficient and professional manner. Attorneys at Radom & Wetter are legal counsel to scores of associations promoting the best interest of that organization and its members by advising the Board on all legal matters.

As the association’s counsel, our attorneys guide the Board regarding the myriad of statutes and regulations affecting community associations and advise of changes or new developments in the law. Our ongoing involvement in community association organizations and participation in educational programs provides our clients with the advantage of having the most accurate and up to date knowledge and expertise available. Because we stay informed, we keep you informed on the most recent legal developments in a straight forward, easy to understand manner.

For associations in transition, we collect, organize and present all of the information of the association’s experts—management, engineering, and accounting, clearly, efficiently and in the best possible light to ensure that the association and its members receive that to which they have been promised by the developer. To stand any chance of realizing a fair measure of value for your claims, you must have experienced community association counsel to guide you through the process and litigate if necessary. Also, counsel must be able to advocate zealously for the association without fear that the advocacy will harm business relationships that lawyer or law firm may have with developers. Radom & Wetter has the experience you need and the firm represents only associations not developers.

We can help formulate reasonable rules and systems to enforce rules as well as help to resolve disputes that arise usually without litigation. Where necessary, Radom   Wetter’s experienced trial lawyers will efficiently and effectively represent the association’s interests before any Court or Agency. Radom & Wetter has the expertise earned from years of experience to represent you or your community.

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