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Community Associations are often confronted by land use zoning restrictions. Radom & Wetter zoning and land use attorneys are your turnkey solution for real estate planning, zoning, and land use legal services. Radom & Wetter Land Use and Zoning team is an ideal way to simplify state and local zoning and land use issues – regardless of the complexity involved.  The Radom and Wetter Land Use and Zoning team has successfully advocated for projects across New Jersey and is extremely skilled navigating the complexities of state and local government bureaucracies. Our goal is to have your project entitled, permitted, and constructed, in a timely and cost effective manner.

Our unique team of Land Use and Zoning lawyers delivers sound counsel and shrewd insight to achieve your project’s goals by drawing upon decades of experience involving our numerous zoning and land use cases. Our experienced team guides your community association through each step of the zoning and approval process, whether it requires state, municipal, or county approval.

Our attorneys are vigilant to ensure all appropriate regulations and requirements are followed to facilitate project completion during each phase process, at all governmental levels – including litigation and appeals when necessary.

Whether your community association project is new construction or an expansion, navigating local regulations for planning and zoning can pose frustrating obstacles. Permits or variances in New Jersey often involve obtaining approvals, complying with traffic regulations, and handling boundary disputes. Our experience in working with zoning and planning boards guides you through these complex filings and hearings.

In New Jersey, land zoning is delegated to cities and towns under the Municipal Land Use Law. Both entities have either publicly elected or appointed office-holders (sometimes both) who have various responsibilities under the zoning laws.

Typically, City Councils or Township Committees introduce and adopt zoning ordinances, but citizens may also propose revisions to existing rules. However, revising an existing ruling can be daunting given the process required. Here’s an example:

Suppose you want to change the zone for a tract of land and all parties invloved agree the proposed change is a good thing. Getting it done should be a cakewalk – right? Nothing is ever easy with changing a zone ruling because of one simple thing – the number of governmental approvals required. It can be both frustrating and intimidating. Here is why.

Typically, changing Land Use Zoning has to run this gauntlet:

The Planning Board, who supervised the creation of a Master Plan for the city or town, reviews all proposed new ordinances to see that if they comply with the Master Plan. The Zoning Board of Adjustment then reviews the development and building applications that require use variances. Additionally, Land Use in a municipality may include not only the Planning and Zoning Boards, but other entities may have jurisdiction such as the Board of Adjustment, the Economic Development Committee, Housing Committee, Design Review Committee, Historic Preservation Review Commission, and the Environmental Commission.

Moreover, when a developer submits a plan, although the Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment reviews it, it may also require the approvals of various other State and Federal agencies not listed previously.

If you have a project and need zoning approval, call Radom & Wetter to help you navigate the process. We have been practicing zoning and land use law in New Jersey for decades and are skilled at all the endemic pitfalls any zoning process requires. Radom & Wetter is your turnkey solution for any zoning land use project by offering the following in-house legal services:

  • Challenges to Zoning Appeals
  • Easement Disputes
  • Environmental Issues
  • Grading Permits
  • Housing Developments
  • Litigation
  • Setbacks
  • Site Approvals
  • Special Use Permits
  • Subdivision Approvals
  • Variances

Radom & Wetter attorneys handle zoning and land use issues throughout New Jersey. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we could devote our expertise and experience toward reaching your objectives.

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